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Forfeited By The Police; Right To Free Speech On Social Media

  This article's content has been updated since it's original publication date of October 17, 2014. When you're a police officer, you are held to a higher standard. You were explained that in the police academy, and you gladly accepted it. You were happy to merely have a law enforcement job, right? If you think it's unfair, then you should pro...
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The Shell On Challenge

A safety tip for law enforcement social media and public safety social media managers to consider publishing on their social media platforms for their communities.  ​The 'Shell On' social media challenge is a trend that is gaining popularity among students. Teens are challenging each other to eat banana peels, candy wrappers, and other food it...
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3 Photo Mistakes Commonly Found On Social Media

The days of text covered graphics and low-quality photos are over. If you don't use high-quality pictures on social media, your reach and engagement will suffer significantly. ​Because there are so many great photos published on social media, the bar of expectation for each picture to be great, has been raised. With the improvement of smartphone an...
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3 Ways To Increase Instagram Stories Engagement

Instagram Stories is a feature of social media which has stayed popular since its inception. Increasing your engagement with followers will create a strong bond with your community.  More engagement = more reach. That means the more people interact and engage on your stories, the more they (and others) will see your content in the future. Reme...
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Instagram Photo Dimensions For 2019

I don't know about you but boy were we ecstatic when Instagram set us free from square (i.e. box) photos only jail. There are now three dimensions to choose from when doing feed posts.  Square: 1080px by 1080px (1:1) The OG square photos are a great go-to dimension if you want to avoid unwanted cropping when users view your whole grid. Po...
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Distracted Driver Social Media Campaigns: Live-Streaming Video

​The month of April is recognized as Distracted Driver Awareness Month. Through the positive efforts of law enforcement to bring attention to this problem, other countries also recognize this epidemic and are helping to reduce drivers from being distracted. Public information officers, police officers, and others assigned to manage their law enforc...
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