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3 Ways To Increase Instagram Stories Engagement


Instagram Stories is a feature of social media which has stayed popular since its inception. Increasing your engagement with followers will create a strong bond with your community. 

More engagement = more reach. That means the more people interact and engage on your stories, the more they (and others) will see your content in the future. Remember, the content that appears in user's feed, stories, and the explore function is based on what Instagram thinks they want to see (algorithm). And when we talk about engaging and interacting on Instagram Stories, we are talking about action beyond just watching; replying, sharing, swiping, and clicking.

Tip #1: Use Tags, Hashtags And Geotags 

You can connect with people that share your location and interests through the use of geotags and hashtags. This allows your stories to be seen by anyone who is searching your location and/or hashtag and increases your chances of being featured on the coveted explore page. Tagging is also a great way to allow others to share your posts on their stories for increased exposure.

Tip #2: Ask A Question 

Use the sliding emoji scale, poll, or question stickers to ask questions or solicit questions from your audience. Have fun with your questions and answer options to get more responses. You can ask something fun like, "who's excited for Taco Tuesday?" with a taco emoji scale. How about, "did you remember to change the batteries in your smoke detector?" with options the answer options being "duh" and "oops," as opposed to your mundane "yes" or "no" responses. Watch our video below to see how to do this.

Tip #3: Go Behind The Scenes

People love to see the day to day, behind the scenes operations of what we do as public safety and government professionals. By showing a "day in the life," viewers will be motivated to come back and check the feed throughout the day, so they don't miss out on any of the action.

You can check out some examples of the three tips on our @ledotsocial Instagram highlights.

As you implement some of these tips, keep an eye on your viewer rate and be cautious of when and why it goes down so you can adjust and strategize. Some common things that impact viewer and engagement rates are the design of the post (poor quality, layout, and design) or doing too many posts (on a specific topic or in general).

Want Personal, Hands-On Training? 

With the increased use of Instagram among the law enforcement social media community and other social media managers in the public safety sector, we've been holding frequent classes covering tips like the ones in this article. Check out our latest classes to get some awesome training today!