Cops Racist, Violent And Poor Behavior On Facebook

​Within one week, multiple news outlets have been reporting about violent, racist, or sexist photos, videos, memes, and comments made by police officers on Facebook.For years, we have been advocating ...

Forfeited By The Police; Right To Free Speech On Social Media

 This article's content has been updated since it's original publication date of October 17, 2014.When you're a police officer, you are held to a higher standard. You were explained that in the p...

A Different Police News Release; The Live Video News Release

With people's busy schedules, the bombardment of people's notifications of text messages, emails, IM's, DM's and more, reading your news release might be last on people's agendas.Those in charge of Fa...

Distracted Driver Social Media Campaigns: Live-Streaming Video

​The month of April is recognized as Distracted Driver Awareness Month. Through the positive efforts of law enforcement to bring attention to this problem, other countries also recognize this epidemic...

3 Photo Mistakes Commonly Found On Social Media

The days of text covered graphics and low-quality photos are over. If you don't use high-quality pictures on social media, your reach and engagement will suffer significantly.​Because there are so man...